Pharaoh’s Hookah Lounge Drink Menu features Cold Drinks, Hot Drinks, and blended House Specialty Drinks.

Whether you like to have your Hookah with a cold drink or a hot one, Pharaoh’s Hookah Lounge offers a variety of drinks that will meet your need. We offer many flavors of hookahs to satisfy every taste.  

Most flavors are listed in our menu, but Pharaoh’s Hookah Lounge frequently finds new flavors and mixtures from around the world that may not be listed. Make sure to ask your waiter for any new flavors, their favorites, and suggested combinations of two or three favors. All Hookahs are hand packed and started so that it is ready to be smoked as soon as it arrives. Your waiter will be more than happy to regale you in the rich tradition and history of the Hookah. Or, if you are a first time smoker, ask for a brief overview of the finer points of Hookah smoking.


Happy hours from 4pm to 7pm